Our Keurig gives use the flexibility of drinking regular, decaf and flavored coffees as well as other beverages besides coffee all at once.

Some favorite k-cups are:

  • Van Houtte« Vanilla Hazelnut Decaf Coffee

  • Van Houtte« Belgian Chocolate Coffee

  • Kahl˙a« Original Coffee

  • Emeril's« Jazzed Up Decaf« Coffee


We haven't found any other readily available whole bean coffee that we like better thank Dunkin' Donuts.


While in Hawaii we discover Kona Coffee, the signature Hawaiian coffee. We were able to visit the Kauai Coffee Company Plantation and learn how coffee is grown and roasted. Each morning we savored our coffee as we watch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean...it doesn't get any better!

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Coffee Hot Toddies

In the evenings, I sometimes enjoy a coffee hot toddy. These are a few of my favorites.

Keoke Coffee

Irish Coffee

Instant Amaretto Coffee

Brewed Amaretto Coffee

Burnt Almond Coffee

Iced Coffee Treats

Coconut Mocha Frappe Cappuccino

Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Cooler